Where I Stand

It’s important for you to know where I stand. Governing requires many difficult decisions on complex matters. As your Representative, it is my solemn duty to analyze issues, weigh evidence and opinion, and ultimately make a judgment. I take this responsibility with the utmost seriousness in determining the future direction of our country.

Today we face many challenges as a nation – declining social institutions, reckless economic behavior, and a lack of federal spending discipline accompanied by an unprecedented expectation that Washington can solve all problems. I believe Nebraska, with our unique cultural heritage of personal responsibility, hard work, and commitment to family and community, has much to give to our county by way of example.

My core political philosophy is simple:
The strength of our nation depends upon the strength of our nation’s families and communities.

In Congress, I have worked to address the most pressing matters before our nation. My priorities are to promote economic opportunity and agricultural entrepreneurship, strengthen our national security, build a new energy vision, improve America’s healthcare system the right way, and uphold strong family life and culture. At home, our work centers on assisting Nebraskans in their dealings with the federal government, particularly on veterans affairs, social security issues, and health care concerns.

Thank you for entrusting me with the privilege of serving you in the United States Congress.

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Jeff Fortenberry for United States Congress Committee

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