America’s Economic Security

America’s economy has long been the most vibrant and prosperous in the world. But a sagging economy is causing a hard reality of downward mobility and stagnant wages for millions of hard-working American families. The high cost of healthcare and an overbearing regulatory environment has seriously hurt small business, the main source of jobs in our country. The merger of economic and political power has created a Washington-Wall Street axis concentrating assets into fewer hands. The fragmentation in our culture has left many without the support mechanisms of loving family and the attending sense of responsibility in community. The causes of our economic problems are multiple–so must be the solutions.

Restoring an entrepreneurial vision for our country–an economic patriotism–where pride of craftsmanship and the Made in America label thrives is a key to restoring economic wellbeing. Returning to a properly functioning regulatory environment will protect the health and welfare of persons while creating the space for fair competition, the critical component of a well-functioning market system. Creating the right type of healthcare reform will protect vulnerable persons while encouraging innovation for healthier outcomes and savings, lifting this heavy burden from small business and those who simply want to make good things.

Instead of a globalized supply-side elitism, America needs what Nebraska has: a vibrant marketplace that expands space for constructive interdependency and community dynamism, which creates opportunity and drives innovation. The gift of richly resourced family farms and ranches, a robust small business ecosystem and manufacturing sector, as well as a mix of financial services and technology enterprises create a cohesion of diversification so necessary for good jobs. At a time of widespread uncertainty, Nebraskans can proudly point to our economy as one build on community values.

As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I have front-line responsibilities for delivering smart and effective government policies within reasonable budgets. We must make the hard decisions each year to keep you safe and to ensure opportunity. However, deficits and debt written off by loose monetary policy are hidden forms of taxation that hurt the poor, hit seniors, and create economic dislocations for everyone. I have long promoted structural budgetary reforms, including a balanced budget requirement, the presidential line-item veto, and a biennium budgeting plan, with the aim of bringing discipline to the federal budgeting process.

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