Family Life & Culture

The strength of our nation ultimately depends upon the strength of our families and communities. I have worked in Congress to uphold the rights and dignity of the most vulnerable in our society, to protect our first freedom of religious liberty, and to encourage families who are making a commitment to their children and their communities.

Building a culture that respects and protects the rights of all Americans binds us more closely as a people and strengthens us as a nation.

Families and communities that protect the innocence of children, respect life, teach personal responsibility and encourage decency help build a culture that honors the inherent dignity of every person, including the poor and the defenseless. Since coming to Congress, more and more is expected of government which can never adequately substitute for the smallest form of community, the family.

We live in a socially fractured time. Many people feel alone, isolated from any shared endeavor, and alienated from society. America’s vibrant diversity is fading in the face of cultural chaos.

We must build a culture of compassion, mutual respect, and individual initiative that protects the rights of all Americans, that binds us more closely as a people, and that strengthens us as a nation. A truly strong society will unleash America’s potential. Our families and communities give us our moral voice and our dynamic economy, and they are necessary for a properly functioning government and the public good.

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